Steve Marquis

photography - my journey


I'm restarting in photography, last time it was film and now we're in the digital age. Being digital, I can share the knowledge with you too.

There’s a really good news and information aggregator called Flipboard and I’ve used it whenever I’ve spotted a reasonable on-line article or tutorial on photography. Articles cover subjects from the techniques in different genres of photography to selecting equipment, basic skills and anything else that looks to be of interest to send us both up the learning curve.

I’ll try and put together a list of tools I’ve come across below. I’m a keen supporter of open source software so you’ll tend to see me erring on the side of that. I love Unix but Windows is the platform I have at the moment (we’ll see what santa brings)…

Steam in perspective at Llangollen Railway

The captains cabin in Thurso

Picnic in the golden hour at Thurso

Windswept summer's evening on Halkyn Mountain in NE Wales.


A lovely evening for making some portrait wallpaper!