Gathered gems from those who know...

I'm restarting in photography, last time it was film and now we're in the digital age. Being digital, I can share the knowledge with you too.

There’s a really good news and information aggregator called Flipboard and I’ve used it whenever I’ve spotted a reasonable on-line article or tutorial on photography. Articles cover subjects from the techniques in different genres of photography to selecting equipment, basic skills and anything else that looks to be of interest to send us both up the learning curve.

There’s my kit list further down this item if you’re interested.

Link to Steve’s Photography Tricks on if the above graphic has failed!

Kit list

For interest, my kit is a FujiFilm XT-2 with an XF18-135mm Fujinon lens and a FujiFilm MCEX-11 macro extension. I’ll be looking to add the telephoto’s at either end for landscapes and wildlife, but this seemed a good starter for 10. I used to use a Minolta SLR many years ago before digital and that kit went elsewhere so I’m starting from scratch.

Other stuff I have are a set of basic ND filters, plus a Hoya Pro ND(0) and Hoya Pro Polorising filter. The above are not money earning links, I’m just sharing the inf.

Funds are limited at the moment so the shopping list will start with a good full-sized tripod, probably a Manfrotto (I’ve got a Jobi 3k Gorillapod with ballhead). Later I’ll add the big telephoto. I’ll go for decent ND filters before the landscape (wide angle) telephoto. So trying to step things up all the time.

Why no primes? I really like the outdoors and wildlife photography so a prime is not really my thing. I’m not really into portrait and street photography and like the flexibility of the albeit slower telephotos for wildlife and landscapes. We might eventually go for a prime Fujifilm XF80mm Macro first before a classic FujiFilm XF35mmF1.4.