A lovely evening for making some portrait wallpaper!

Hand-held uv-filtered shots of Talacre as the sun sets. I thought they would make good wallpaper.

Having only recently acquired my first DSLR (Fujifilm X-T2) after many years, (I used to have the Minolta AF SLR) I'm playing getting to know the camera controls and my own posture.

The challenge is to get the grip and breathing right to keep the camera still and also use the sneaky option of a delayed shutter speed so that the press of the button doesn't affect the image as there's recovery time.

I've since discovered the image stabilisation of my 18-135mm lens (which was fortuitously on) and optimised my set-up further by separating the auto-focus function (having that on a separate function button) from the trigger (called back-button focus).

Next stages will be to explore post-editting.