I’ll try and put together a list of tools I’ve come across below. I’m a keen supporter of open source software so you’ll tend to see me erring on the side of that. I love Unix but Windows is the platform I have at the moment (we’ll see what santa brings). I would welcome additions, just send me an email with a link. There’s a few to browse here and a good list of tools here and here.

  • Darktable - a powerful raw file editor (think Lightroom with bells) (for Windows, Unix and Mac) and tutorials. I’m hoping this is my go-to workflow beastie.
  • Rawtherapee - a very powerful (but geeky) raw image photo editor.
  • Gimp - a powerful photo editor (think Photoshop with bells) (for Windows, Unix and Mac) and tutorials. This I’m hoping is my go-to editor.
  • Geosetter - sets all EXIF data and location data in particular for Windows
  • Shotcut - a great little video editor on all the platforms (and there’s more here and here). I’ve done quite a bit of video snippet capture for YouTube at the pub I owned and wished I had discovered this then!
  • Handbrake - open source video transcoder on all platforms.
  • Audacity - multitrack recording and editing on all platforms (there are a few more here).
  • more to come (it’s a work in progress)